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St. James Camino Network (SJCN)

Named after the famous pilgrim’s route in northern Spain, the St James Camino Network (SJCN) was formed in 1997, in response to the drugs crisis in Dublin’s inner city. 

Borrowing from international best practice, the organisation has quietly established one of the most successful drug treatment programmes anywhere in the developed world. 

Up to 60% of clients that enter the St. James programme graduate successfully and remain drug free, a remarkable statistic.  

Their treatment programme is designed to address the emotional, physical, psychological and spiritual well-being of its users. Those wishing to enter the full programme must first complete an initial six week course in Dublin.

Only then will they be considered for the 14 week residential treatment at the group’s facility in Enfield, Co. Meath, from where they have operated since 2002. A maximum of twelve clients are treated at any one time. 

Formerly a private health club, the facility boasts a gymnasium, relaxation room, outdoor soccer area, large garden area and adequate bedroom accommodation. 

When the opportunity arose to purchase the Enfield facility outright, the SJCN grasped it. Although the bulk of the required funding was secured from other sources, they still faced a significant shortfall.

And so they approached Clann Credo for support for their hugely valuable work. Following careful assessment of the group’s finances and an in depth examination of the proposal, that support was forthcoming.  

This allowed the St James Camino Network to plan and build for the future on a more secure basis. 

Location: Camino Residential Centre Meadowbrook, Cloncurry Cross, Enfield, Co.Meath


"Up to 60% of clients that enter the St. James’ programme graduate successfully and remain drug free, a remarkable statistic."